Double Irish Chain Quilt with Celtic Knot Quilting

I enjoyed making my nine patch quilt with the 3 inch squares so much that I continued to cut up any small scrap pieces of fabric I had into 3 inch squares.  I just tucked them away into a container until I had about 500 squares. I had just taken a vacation with my family to Ireland and we loved it!  I decided I would like to made a Double Irish Chain quilt to commemorate our trip. I wanted to make a twin size, so I knew I would need approximately 518 three inch squares. IMG_3609I had seen a picture on Pinterest of a Double Irish Chain quilt that used the Saw Tooth Star pattern for the white spaces of the quilt. I loved this look and decided to give it a try! I made 18 blocks that were made up of 25 three inch squares (5 rows of 5) to make the Irish Chain. I put 1 white 3 inch square in the center of each outside edge. For the Saw Tooth Stars, I used the tutorial on Craftsy by Kimberly Einmo in the free 2015 Summer Block of the Month class. I then placed a white border around my stars and put 3 inch squares in the corners. Getting the 2 different blocks to be the same size required a little trial and error and a series of different needle positions. I’m sure someone smarter than me could have made it much easier, but I made it work. IMG_3610Once I had my quilt all pieced together, I did one border of 3 inch squares all around the outside. I quilted through the chain part of the quilt with straight line quilting. In order to continue the Irish theme, I quilted the star blocks with a Celtic knot pattern. I used the Celtic knotwork medallion and rectangle from Knotty Rose Designs on Etsy for the quilt design and then just filled in around the stars with stippling. thumb_IMG_4676_1024This was one of the first quilts that I have made that looks nice on the back also due to the quilting design.thumb_IMG_4683_1024 thumb_IMG_4691_1024I have countless hours in this quilt, but it was worth it! I love how it turned out! I finished this quilt just in time for the hot Florida summer, so I have no intention of laying under it for several more months. Even so, it makes me happy to see it done with all the bright colors and fancy stitching. Right now I have it displayed on my dining room table and I think it adds a country look to the room! But don’t worry, I have no intention of letting anyone eat on it! thumb_IMG_4675_1024


  1. Jan | 9th Jul 16

    Wow Robin! Thats beautiful!

    • | 9th Jul 16

      Thanks Jan!

  2. Sheila | 11th Jul 16

    That is so Beautiful Robin – you are so talented

    • | 11th Jul 16

      Thank you Sheila!

  3. Rosalie Markins | 28th Aug 16

    Robin, this quilt is so pretty! Your quilting is so nice. I am going to try some small projects in September. Probably won’t get anything finished until January as the fall is always so busy in the two organizations in which I serve as treasurer. But I am resigning both jobs at end of December. Will share the pattern with you.

    • | 29th Aug 16

      Thanks! Would love to see it.

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