Dress to Skirt Upcycle

I hope it’s not possible to have too many skirts, because my daughter and I have been on a skirt making rampage. We saw this dress when we were at a thrift store and thought this fabric would lend itself well to being dressed up or down. The dress was too skimpy on the top, but was the right length from the elastic on down to make a skirt.IMG_4041
Since it already had elastic and we liked the decorative stitch that was already on the dress, we decided to cut the dress off about an inch above the elastic, and then just turn it under twice to the inside to finish off the top of the skirt.IMG_4044

This is what it looked like when we had cut all the way around the top.IMG_4045


We then turned the fabric under twice to the inside of the skirt so that we had a nice finished edge on the top of the inside, and we pinned this all the way around.IMG_4046

Then I stitched this down just under the elastic so that I would not stretch the elastic out when sewing. IMG_4047

I had my daughter try the skirt on again, and we found that it was just a little bigger than we expected in the waist. So I measured the amount we needed to take out and marked this with a frixion pen down the side of the skirt. IMG_4048

I stitched down this line to take the skirt in. I could have serged or used a zig zag stitch to finish off the edge, but this fabric does not fray, so I left it alone. The skirt then fit perfectly and looked great! You would never know it had started out as a dress. Here is the finished product.



  1. Jo Ann McKinney | 1st Feb 16

    Both of you always look so “in style”! No one would ever think that you “recycle”. I love what you do!!!!

    • bakingandbobbins@gmail.com | 2nd Feb 16

      Thanks Jo Ann!

  2. Kimberly Harbaugh | 2nd Feb 16

    Very cute and that looked easy! I love skirts, I need to get brave and make some simple skirts.

    • bakingandbobbins@gmail.com | 2nd Feb 16

      You are so creative, I’m sure you would design something special!

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