No Sew Quilted Christmas Ornament

I am a member of a sewing group called the Piecemakers. I love the ladies in this group! They are generous, kind, and talented. They always inspire me to improve my skills and give me great new ideas. Last month our friend Joyce Payne made some no sew quilted Christmas ornaments. She did cross-stitched centers in hers.  She got the pattern from a little book called, “Easy Cross Stitch Folded Star Ornaments” by Carmelia Troisi-Hoerr.

Mom and I were so inspired by her ornaments, that we decided to try them ourselves. I found a video on YouTube that gave a great tutorial on how to make the no sew folded star ornaments by MySimpleWalk.

As she states in the video you will need 16 squares that are 2  1/2 inches of 3 different fabrics. And one piece for the center band, that will go around your ornament, and cover all your exposed pins that is 13 by 2 1/2 inches.IMG_3835IMG_3833


You will also need 3 inch styrofoam balls, and lots of dress maker or satin pins.IMG_3894

After you decide which fabric goes in the middle you will place your center square on the foam ball and pin all 4 corners.IMG_3895

Notice the band-aid on my finger. I use this because pushing all these pins in will make your finger tip very sore! So I use a band-aid on my finger. Joyce said her husband made her a little wooden piece she uses to push the pins in. My Mom didn’t use anything.  When I asked her how she did that she said, “I just use different fingers, and when all my fingers get sore, I know it is time to quit.” Can’t argue with that kind of logic.

If you are doing the folded star in the center you will start with your folded prairie points in the center of your pinned square. If you are using a fabric picture in the center then you will be skipping ahead to row 2.

Row 1:

  • Place a pin in the center of your fabric square, and place this pin in the center of you pre-pinned square.IMG_3897
  • Then fold the fabric back in half away from the pin.IMG_3901
  • Then fold the front 2 corners back to make your prairie point and pin all 4 corners in place.IMG_3899 IMG_3900
  • Place 4 prairie points going directly out from the center.IMG_3902

Row 2:

  • For row 2 you will measure back from the center of your first 4 prairie points 1/2 inch, and do another prairie point of a different fabric at that 1/2 inch mark. We used index cards to measure this, since they are bendable and 2 lines equals 1/2 inch.IMG_3903
  • Then you will do 4 more prairie points measuring 1/2 inch back from where your first 4 prairie points meet and do 4 more.IMG_3904 IMG_3905
  • NOTE: If you are using a fabric picture center, your measurements will be dictated by the size of your picture. Do not choose a picture that is too large, or it will not fit on your ball with the prairie points around it. You may even choose to have only 1 row around your picture depending on the size and your personal tastes.

Row 3:

  • For row 3 you will repeat the steps for row 2 except you will be measuring back from the second row this time. Make sure you do the 4 lower points first, then do the overlapped prairie points second.IMG_3906

Now you will repeat the same process for the other side of the ball.  Try to match up the seams in your prairie points on both sides, so that when you add your hanger to the top, both sides hang correctly. This is what the side of your ball will now look like.IMG_3907


Now you will take your 13 x 2 1/2 inch strip, fold the sides in, and press with the iron.  You don’t want your strip too wide. Just wide enough to cover all your pins nicely.  On this ornament the pins were pretty close so I folded my strip with the sides overlapping a little.


Press flat and then using a glue gun start your strip at the top of your ornament.


Then glue small sections at a time, and work your way all around the ball.IMG_3911 When you get close to the top again, leave yourself an extra inch or so, and trim off the rest. Fold the end back on itself and glue that down. Then finish glueing it in place overlapping the top slightly. IMG_3912 IMG_3914

Now we will cover the top with a pretty bow and add a hanger. Take your ribbon and form several loops while holding onto the center with your fingers. IMG_3915Then pin this to the top of your ornament. IMG_3916If you are doing a second color ribbon just repeat this step. Then make a loop with your ribbon for the hanger and place several pins in this to secure in place.IMG_3918I like to cover those pins with a matching button. IMG_3919 IMG_3920

Now you’re done! These make great gifts!

Here are a few of our favorites!

IMG_3886 IMG_3888 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3892

Olaf Christmas Ornament Christmas Ornament Cat In the Hat Christmas Ornament


  1. Kathy | 14th Nov 15

    Robin those are all really cute…you are very talented with a “capital T”

    • | 14th Nov 15

      Thank you Kathy! Mom made some of them also.

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