Rising Sun Quiltby Rosetta Underwood

My husband, John, came to me one day in the sewing room and asked if I needed an idea for my next quilt. It seems he had been thinking of a quilt that had the sun coming up on the left side of the bed and setting on the right side. Sooo…. I went shopping and bought several little print fabrics from the quilt shop for the sky, sun, grass, etc.  He did not like any of them!! He tried to tell me further what he wanted, but finally resorted to going with me to buy fabric the second time. He wanted bright colors like yellow, orange, black, cloudy sky blue, and shades of green.

As to piecing the quilt, he wanted squares which depicted a lighter, brighter, sun on the left and a more orange setting sun on the right.  He then wanted a large sun in the upper middle of the quilt with a man and a woman hoeing corn.  At this point he almost lost me.  However, he drew the people and the corn.  I pieced the couple and did hand embroidery for the corn.  They are in black due to the shadow cast by the sun.  When he wanted the Bible verse Psalms 113:3 printed across the top of the sun, I took the quilt to our local quilt shop called the Quilter’s Corner {www.mariettaquilts.com} and asked the owner to do it. I had purchased her personal sewing machine which had an older embroidery unit on it, and she felt she could do it on her newer model.  Not to mention her greater level of experience with machine embroidery.  We are both very thankful to her for her help.  The work required removing the already pieced sun from the middle of the quilt, and replacing it again when she was done.

Version 2

John also wanted rays embroidered from the sun, starting with yellow ones on the left and orange on the right in each square.  I did that on my machine.  A lot of work, but we are very proud of the finished product.  It was a joint effort and now a family heirloom.



  1. Darcey | 2nd Dec 15

    Nice quilt! Great story!

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