St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Table Runner

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the color green! So I had a great time picking out the fabric and shamrocks for my St Patrick’s Day table runner. I wanted it to fit my 42 inch round table and using the following measurements I ended up with a 25.5 inch square. If you measure it on the diagonal it measures 36 inches. You will need the following:

  • 32 — 3 3/4 inch squares in various shades of green
  • 4 — 7 inch white squares
  • 4 — 3 3/4 by 13 1/2 inch white rectangles
  • Irish Frame 1 Flourish Design – from Embroitique on Etsy
  • Jacobean Shamrock Design- from Embroidery Library
  1. Sew 16 of the green squares together to make the center square.
  2. Sew the outer 4 green squares together and then sew them to the white rectangles.
  3. Sew 2 of these to the side of your inner square.IMG_4279
  4. Then sew the white squares onto the other 2 border pieces.
  5. Sew those 2 borders onto the center piece.IMG_4281
  6. Lay this piece on your quilt batting and cut your batting a little larger than your square.IMG_4284
  7. Then lay these 2 pieces on your backing fabric. I just used white. Cut it out a little larger than your top square also.IMG_4285
  8. Place a few pins in your quilt sandwich to hold it in place. IMG_4286
  9. Do some quilting. I did diagonal lines. Removing the pins as you go.
  10. Then I did the embroidery in the white rectangles.IMG_4289
  11. Then the embroidery in the white squares.IMG_4288
  12. I stipple quilted around my embroidery designs for a nice finished look.
  13. Square up your table runner, cutting off the excess batting and backing fabric.IMG_4290
  14. Then apply your quilt binding to the outer edge.IMG_4291

I had a great time making this and love the green! It reminds me of our family trip to Ireland which we loved. Here is the finished product.IMG_4293



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