Upcycled Dress to Shirt

My daughter and I have now made several skirts out of thrift store dresses. This time my daughter loved the top of the dress and the cute tie, but the skirt was much too short for her.  So we decided to cut the bottom off and make a shirt. The dress had 2 layers of fabric. The shear outer layer and the lining. We took our skirt chalk marker  and marked the length we wanted.IMG_4141

I wanted to work on 1 layer at a time, and since I wanted the shear layer to be slightly longer than the lining, I hemmed the lining first. I allowed an inch from the chalk line and cut the lining there. I measured up from the bottom of the dress so I would be sure it was the same length all the way around. My chalk line was not perfect, just a guide.IMG_4145 I serged the bottom of the lining layer and then turned the serged edge up at the chalk line and sewed a row of stitching all the way around to finish the lining hem.IMG_4146

Then I wanted to do a rolled hem for the shear layer and wanted it to hang a little longer than the lining. I measured up from the bottom of the shear layer and left it 1 1/2 inches longer than the chalk line or the finished hem of the lining. I then turned it up 1/2 inch from the bottom and sewed all around the bottom edge close to the folded edge.IMG_4159

Then I trimmed the excess fabric off above my stitching line.IMG_4161

Once it was trimmed it looked like this.IMG_4162

I then turned that up one more time just at the doubled fabric and sewed around the hem one more time to make a nice enclosed rolled hem. It turned out great!




  1. Mary Lou Dickerson | 11th Jan 16

    Robin, Your projects are so inspiring. Even though I don’t sew much lately, I love to see how you create new garments from previously used ones. Keep up the good work.

    • bakingandbobbins@gmail.com | 11th Jan 16

      Thank you Mary Lou! We miss you!

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