Upcycled Maxi Skirt

My daughter loves a comfortable maxi skirt. We found this long dress at a thrift store for under $5.IMG_4032
We did not like the slouchy top of the dress, but we did like the cosy soft bottom and thought it would make a nice casual maxi skirt. The skirt already had elastic at the waist, but it was too big for my daughter, so we cut the skirt off right under the elastic. IMG_4042Then we turned the top of the skirt under 1/4 inch and pressed, then we turned it under another 1/2 inch to make the casing for our 1/4 inch elastic. We sewed all around the skirt to make the casing, but left about 1 1/2 inch open to insert our elastic. We cut a piece of elastic the size of my daughters waist plus 1 inch and ran the elastic around the waist band using a safety pin. IMG_4043Then she tried the skirt on and we pulled the elastic to the proper fit and sewed the 2 ends of elastic together and finished closing up the casing for the elastic. That’s all there was to it and she loves her new comfortable maxi skirt!


  1. Jo Ann McKinney | 30th Dec 15

    You are SOOO creative and with a great eye for just the right item!!!

    • bakingandbobbins@gmail.com | 30th Dec 15

      Thanks Jo Ann!

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